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Transparancy in Equipment Rental

More than anybody else, you know that plant rental requires specific expertise. Every plant manager asks these four questions:


  • Where are my plant items?
  • What do my plant items cost?
  • What do my plant items bring in?
  • Do my plant items comply with the safety standards?


The answers to these questions can be found in our software for plant managers. We have developed specific plant management software that is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV – standard ERP software that every plant rental company can work with.


Register your plant items, process the applications, post the costs to your projects, perform proper maintenance (integration with various testers available) and automate the entire process. You can add a barcode to your plant items and work with a barcode scanner to capture your plant items.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 4PS Construct, the latest software for Plant managers is at your disposal. Integration with Office365, SharePoint and PowerBI (tooling for powerful reporting) is available as standard.


Software should be scalable and standard. Customised work may seem fine, but it blocks your access to innovation. 4PS provides standard ERP software for large and medium-sized plant rental companies.


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Integral Relationship Management

People are at the basis of every project, including people responsible for marketing and sales for your company, as well as your customers. Relationship management is important. 4PS offers CRM for the construction, civil engineering or mechanical and electrical industry as an integral part of your ERP solution (4PS Construct).


You only need to record the data on your relations, customers, vendors and other parties involved once and you can use these throughout the application later. Additionally, the data can be accessed from any location with any type of device, which comes in handy when you are on the go.


Microsoft Office and Skype are fully integrated, enabling you to contact your relations from the application easily, generate quotes from the information of the estimate process quickly, etc.

Be Predictable

Once you have created a good contact file, you can edit the data by simply creating a segment to send a mailing, for instance. You can also use try-outs and try-out quotes to map out your sales pipeline and record your contact moments quickly. The subsequent processes can be started up easily from the try-outs and try-out quotes.


In short, with 4PS CRM you have real-time visibility and you will have a good idea of your relations and acquisition try-outs anytime and anywhere.


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Consultancy and Implementation
The implementation of our application in your business requires knowledge of your business processes, change management and the actual application. The 4PS Consultants guarantee fast, controlled and affordable implementations.
Project Management
The success of an implementation is partly due to a good project manager. The fact is that during the rebuilding implementation, the shop should remain open and activities should be running as usual. The 4PS project managers monitor the progress and they oversee the overall process.
We strive to provide a smooth and flawless operation of our products. If you have a query, you are encouraged to report it quickly. The 4PS Support team is friendly and is happy to help with an in-depth knowledge on our products and services.